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I've never really played a visual novel before, but I have to say I'm really enjoying it, the art style is beautiful and it's easy to navigate as well! The only criticism I have is that there isn't any music. Because this page is fairly old now, I want to ask, is there going to be any update/full version of this game? I also hope you don't mind, I made a video (part 1 so far) of the game:

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Uwah!! I love the art and plot! However, since I criticize things as well. You could improve choices that could lead to something excited. Meaning there need to be more interactions with the love interests. Take Pascal in example. There should be choices in the future that could lead him to instead heading for Chloe, he would go for the Protagonist. Well, in a pace that wouldn't make the plot all wonky and what not. And then maybe Pascal would have a mental battle to see who he actually likes further in the story. Depending on the choices the Protagonist chooses. That's all from me, cya and sorry for criticizing you guys. I just want the game to improve and have better interests from others. I'm known to criticize, and sometimes... Nm. I'll stop explaining and say thanks for making this game a game full of great potential!

It's a really good game so far! There's a few errors here and there, but otherwise it's good (: I love the whole "a different person is doing the writing and drawing for each route" but maybe you could pick just one artist to do the drawing? Maybe I'm just not used to something like this, but the big differences between each art style make it a little difficult to fully enjoy the game (I usually pick what games to play based on visuals). Maybe by the time the full game is out, I'll be used to this, but for now, it slightly bothers me.

Overall: It's a lovely game! I love the schedule feature, the fact you can choose your own name, and the fact you can pick whether you want to be a boy or girl.

Cant wait ;0; u da beshh

I loved this! I never expected Pascel to have a crush on Chloe. It's very interesting, can't wait for more

When will the next update come!?! I can't wait, but.... You guys could try making Spencer more lightened up as he gets to know the protogist more.

Awesome game! Can't wait for it when it's finished.

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possible ideas: when you go to the library, the culinary bar could increase as well because of gaining culinary knowledge from the books

fixing: sometimes it says I decreased spirit when it actually increases. this one may be unreasonable, but if it doesn't irritate the artist, you could redraw pascal's face(eyes and placement of mouth)

Overall: love this, good characters, love the reasonable type of person I am playing, keep up the great work!


Great game!! Looking forward to the full game!! :D

btw.... when will it be finished TT

We are working hard to finish the game but the end of August!